Poraxin RX Official Review – READ before buying

Poraxin RX Official Review – READ before buying
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Poraxin RX is the latest performance enhancement supplement we’ve seen spring onto the market in a big way.  Ever since Viagra first came to market, performance enhancement supplements have been in high demand with men looking for any trick they can to get an edge in the bedroom.

Poraxin RX BottleLet’s face it, who doesn’t want to have mind-blowing sex??? Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend or just a girl you met on tinder, we all want them coming back begging for more. Better sex doesn’t just mean a better sex life, it means a much better life period.

The real question is when any supplement comes to the market is does it work, how is it priced compared to it’s competitors and is it safe? I’ll take you through a deep dive of Poraxin RX and we’ll see what’s under the hood.

Where the heck is it Poraxin RX?

I read the news and I’ll tell you one thing, when I see the articles about all the products at Walmart or GNC that don’t contain what they say on the label, it freaks me out. No way am I going to put some crap pills made in a Chinese factory into my mouth. Turns out Poraxin RX is actually made right here in the USA and in a lab that is FDA certified. Test #1 passed with flying colors.

What’s in Poraxin RX?

So we had a look at what they’re using to make Poraxin RX and here’s the key ingredients:

Di-Potassium Phosphate – We noticed this to be one of the main ingredients. It can be more commonly known as phosphoric acid. This is actually a great ingredient because it helps to create energy and helps in delivering oxygen to the muscles. It has been used a lot by athletes and bodybuilders to help their performance, recovery time between exercises and overall endurance. This one’s certainly not going to hurt your performance in the sheets.

Poraxin RX Supplement Review

L-Arginine –  The next main ingredient we see featured in Poraxin RX is a proprietary blend of L-Arginine. In the body, arginine actually changes into nitric oxide. This improves your blood circulation which happens to be one of the most important ways you can boost your performance in the bedroom. Arginine in the body also helps to maintain your immune and hormone function.

L-Citrulline – Funny enough L-Citrulline when put into your body gets changed into L-Arginine. This will further help the benefits we talked about above with increased blood circulation, hormone maintenance and more. There have also been some very interesting studies lately talking about heart benefits from L-Arginine.

Poraxin RX buy now

Bottom line is this, having a look at these ingredients, there seems to be some great stuff here. It’s certainly something I wouldn’t hesitate to put into my body when I’m looking to beef up my sex life.

Do they stand behind their product?

This is actually a very interesting one. I love a company or a person that will put their money where their mouth is. Netflix, Audible and so many more let you try their product first. Why do they do this? It’s because they believe in their product and know that once they get someone in the door they’ll keep coming back for more.

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This is the pretty great idea same way it works with Poraxin RX. Their model allows you to try the product for only the price of shipping and if you decide you don’t want it or it didn’t work for you for any reason you just call them to cancel and return your order. That’s all if you ask me.

How do I get a hold of them?

You can visit the Poraxin RX site HERE or contact their customer service team directly at 1-888-555-5555.